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Alternative Pet Services

Pet Sitting - Dog Walking

"We Care for Your Best Friend"

Professional In-Home Pet Care

Insured - Bonded - Certified

Alternative Pet Services was created from a combination of ideas from a  lifetime of  pet ownership and care giving. 

 At my peak I had a Great Dane, a German Shepherd, a Yorkie, a  Cocker Spaniel Mix, , two Black Cats, two White Mice, and  two Goldfish.  Over the years, I have also owned: White Rats, gerbils, hamsters, assorted cocoons, insects, turtles, Sea Monkeys, garden snakes, and ant farms.  I was influenced by farmer grand-parents who collected all animals needing a home.  They had everything from ducks to skunks to squirrels and raccoons.

When I was a child, I knew the name and location of every dog and cat in the neighborhood.  They all knew me on sight, and would come immediately, as they knew I carried a treat bag.  I have been pet sitting since I was about 12 years old.  My neighbors knew I was a good student and great with the animals, so I was a natural.  My neighbors missed me when I moved to Indianapolis to attend U of I. 

When I was in college I was forced to give up my wonderful Great Dane, Bleau.  Why?  Because I was gone and he had no one around to keep him company.  I vowed I would never get another pet, until I could properly care for it in every way.

When  I decided it was time to get a  new canine companion,  I chose Konnie, the German Shepherd Dog.  Konnie was (is) a tough nut to crack.  She is highly intelligent and challenges authority constantly.  I decided a little help was needed and started going to training classes.  During the ensuing 80 hours of classroom time and 100's of hours of practice time, I became thoroughly convinced of how important it is to give any pet meaningful interaction - multiple times per day.  ( Exercise, games, grooming, basic obedience training.)

During my years in a traditional job, I would come home and see my pets at lunch.  They were all waiting for me.  The dogs would have their toys out and ready the moment I walked in the door.  The cats would meow and meow, until they got their attention.  It gives me a feeling of great personal satisfaction to have provided a home to these animals.  They are all unique and very special.

I had always dreamed of building and operating a kennel.  Not because I  love kennels, but because I love to care for animals.  After visits to a few kennels I began to wonder why I would want one.  They are not overly pleasant places.  They generally remind me of the dog pound.  The animals rarely seem  happy to be there. 

Alternative Pet Services was created as an option for people who want to have the blessing of a pet, but cannot always be there with the pet.  You can actually be home late from work and not worry.  You can go on vacation without making special arrangements for the pet.  Vet appointments can be made that aren't at lunch or 5pm (when the kids are supposed be at practice).  Pet food can be monitored and picked up for you.  APS wants to make your pet's life, and your life, a little easier.

We are members The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

We are Certified by the Red Cross in Pet First Aid.  We are also Certified by  NAPPS.

You can view my Complete Resume HERE.

Office:  (317) 862-9233    Mobile:  (317) 213-6071

3630 Davis Road, Indianapolis, IN  46239-9361


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